In order to remain innovative and competitive in our globalised economy, Queensland business are searching for team leaders and managers who hold real business skills.

This often means Queenslanders fresh out of school or university don’t have the practical industry-focused vocational education and training that employers in the business sector are looking for.

Aurora Training Institute’s Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Love, says that a lot of young Queenslanders are being overlooked because they simply lack the practical knowledge and skills to find secure employment in the business industry.

“Both big and small businesses in Queensland are looking for diploma qualified employees with practical business skills,” Mr Love explains. “Young Queenslanders seeking promotions and even those looking for a career change need to have the right qualifications and, often more importantly, real skills.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the national unemployment rate is currently 5%. Furthermore, according to the Australian Jobs 2018 report released by the Department of Job and Small Business, graduates holding a Certificate IV qualification or higher are more likely to find employment and receive higher salaries than graduates of other levels.

Now is the time to enrol in business studies to gain the leadership and management skills needed to stand out in this competitive employment market.

Aurora Training Institute offers the very latest government approved diploma qualifications.

Flexible payment options are available so talk to an Aurora Training Institute representative today on 1300 936 864 or click here for more information.

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